Taking Back The Nightlife


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released June 24, 2008



all rights reserved


LIFERUINER Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: A Ticket To The Pussy Crusher
Behold! The end of empathy!
No one gets out alive!
No one is safe!
We're all fucked!
So fuck the world!
Fuck the world!
Fuck the world!
Track Name: Doug Burns To Death
And I awake to be the spokesperson for global moralization
But my head won't stop spinnin'
And I misplaced my common sense
But this just feels like the start
Fa fa fadin' away, deeper into these dreams
And I can't remember where the start ends, and where the end begins
Fa fa fadin' away, deeper into this coma
Somebody tell me, I'm not dying for these sins
Fa fa fadin' away
And my destiny is something that I've been trying to outrun for a long time now
Has it caught up to me yet?
Probably not, but the chase is always better than the catch
So let's play tag with our hearts tonight
Oh yeah, it's on tonight!
Wake up!
Wake up!
Track Name: You Look Better When You're Drunk
Your heart is fucking black
and everything that surrounds you dies
I hope each breath you breathe
You miss me and a piece of you dies
And for every lie I beleived
I hope you choke on the regret that it brings

I am the ruin of ever single thing you've ever loved
Fu fu fuck you!

You are nothing and no one will ever care
You are nothing and you are less than air

When I'm done with you
Your face will look like modern art
And I'll feed to you, that piece of shit that you call a heart
You couldn't comprehend any damage that you caused
So get off your knees this love can't be swallowed

Your love is just a word.

fuck you. fuck this. fuck your motherfuckin life.

I wanna choke the life out of you
and watch you slip away

I wanna breathe your death
and watch you decay

Ill ruin your hope and swallow your dreams
I am ruin, the ruin of everything
Track Name: You Use Dirt As A Metaphor For Life

I know who you are, and you are nothing. You think you are fucking something, but you are fucking nothing. You are empty, you are a zero, you are a black hole, and I'm going to fuck you so bad you're going to be cumming out of your ears.

If this is you following your heart,
then I feel awful for the world.
The trail of pain you leave behind,
floods the sea red.
And drowns what once was pure in your filth.
And I'll admit,
I'll be the first to apologize,
For letting you destroy everything I loved.
But that's life,
and this is your death.
Leave with nothing,
come home with nothing,
burning your churches,
'cause you don't need them anymore.
No one will forgive you.
No one will forgive you for the whore you are.
You are leaving behind nothing but your scent.
No one will care,
it won't even make a dent.
As you kneel before me,
plead your case.
Repeat your last words.
You're God damn right I'm fucking ruthless.
I only breathe to watch you die.
To laugh and smile while your family cries,
until the end of time.
You're fucking swine.
Track Name: Megadeth
I close my eyes and watch the heavens burn
The earth is flooded with my disease
This sorrow drowns me, deeper and deeper
Destined to walk alone, and probably always will
Getting my head above water, has never been such a struggle
Well I guess it's just a case
Of pouring my heart out when no one was listening
If this is the end, then I need Jesus, for I am sin

But the hell just deepens within
I will sleep in bed's of fire
And bathe in pain
Swarm the weak
Destroy the feeble

Glory be to God
We're dead, oh God we're dead

Glory be to God
We're dead, we're dead, we're dead
Glory be to God
We're fucking dead
Track Name: Americant
Welcome to the end.

No men behind my country have come to see our plan
Its time to educate ourselves and keep our minds sober
One peak,one army,one center of power.
One man,one army,for power. One man,one army,for power.
They answer upon reality ; we´re living in a dream.
But I fear when worlds collide
Its becoming a giant fine
Living the dream.
Suck apart the population of society to a generation of fear.
We completely dissociate to the power we once had.
Save me,the past is done and out of the way.
We´ll be slaves under one nation,one nation
I´m dying.
The media is run by the same people,who makes our power.
Drinking our sweat and sipping our blood for happy hour.
Drinking our sweat and sipping our blood for happy hour.
Drinking our sweat,our blood, for happy hour.
Track Name: Ham Hands Lives
By the end of this, you will beg me to let you fucking die
My foot on your throat pushing down, for every fucking lie
Your manipulation runs out here
I will be every nightmare, you fucking fear
Sweetie you must be out of luck
You must have mistaken me for just another cock you could suck
What's done is done, but I can't see past your mistakes
But anger fogs my mind with hate
And moments like this make me realize I'm better than this
Moments like this remind me why I live and die
No hope
No love
No hope
No love
No hope
No love
Track Name: Taking Back The Night Life
Fuck the scene, gimme the green
We don't give a fuck about your words
We're still here running your mouths
Don't hate us, because you ain't us

I'm still alive, after every threat
I'm still true, TRUE TILL DEATH

Everything I've lost, has only been a gain
I hope every record we sell brings you pain

Sparking the revolution in our generations hearts
Our hearts are taking back the night

Taking the night life back [x4]
Track Name: Bad Rock Anthem
Put up or shut up, cause this is the real thing
You'll be shotgunning beers tonight while we shotgun front seats
Taking over these streets
Watch me walk back out for my encore and shake hands with the devil
There's a rage sparked inside of me and nothing can put it out
There's a glory inside of me
I'm ready to scream and shout
There's a glory inside of me
This city is ours tonight
The world is ours for the taking
We are a youth cemented with ideals
With ideals
Track Name: Amaranthine
Never being scared to lose control.
Never scared to break heartss.
You'll be a constant reminder why I choose to live my life this way.
And I'll remember those days we felt so alive,
relying on so little,
but holding on to what was pure in our minds.
time goes on,
and as time goes on,
your body will break away.
But your memory will help us live each day.

Stay, stay, just fucking stay.
(Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay.)
Stay, stay, just fucking stay.
(Stay, stay, stay, stay, stay.)
Stay, stay, just fucking stay.
Just fucking stay.
Straight ******** edge
No ******** respect for you
You piece of shitt
(don't know any of this)
You broke edge
You make us sick
Suckk my dickk
Straight edge

that's the best i can do haha